Sunday 8 January 2012

The soldier

The bullet races through the night
A laser, sharp as a blazing light
A tank is breaking through the dawn
A village is conquered with a yawn

The battle is raging violent and rough
Soldiers are dying, ain't that tough?
It is their job, it is their lives
What happens to their kids and wives

Until they die, they kill and rage
Take other lives, battles they wage
The blood runs on, the death is strong
Is that really to what we belong?

Many countries, many times,
Bullets rage in dangerous rhymes
Disaster, violence and bloodshed
For heaven's sake, is that all we get?

Ain't there nobody strong enough
To stop that mess, this deadly cough
So save the world from a deadly play
Just let our world find a peaceful way

Human Dignity

Don't they know it's Christmas
It's not Christmay every day
People live in pain and distress
Often survival is no possible way

Death rages through our street
Not only in Syria, Bahrain and Iran
Militias and peaceful people meet
Death and hardship has begun

Dictators rage and use their bullet
Kill their people, destroy their life
Demonstrations try to end it
A word against tanks - no funny jive

Tanks roll over bodies, people freeze
Splash their blood, take their breathe
What happened to dignity and peace?
A whole world taken by a deadly wrath

A word, a blog, a peaceful scream
A poster, a slogan and a speech
Martin Luther said: "I have a dream"
Today, ghouls brutalize on a loose leash

Reign of terror, reign of aggression
Violence rules around the globe
Words well placed and put in session
Can put dictators on a long probe

A fly can annoy a lion more
Than a lion just the fly
So remember, what you're fighting for
Keep the patience and find your way

Often it has shown, it was seen
That patience and persistence
Can lead to realize your dream
In the end, we all join the dance

The dance of freedom, the dance of peace
That is worth fighting for
Don't resign, don't you grieve
The victory will end this war!

Wednesday 21 December 2011


Jeden Abend wiederholt sich das Spiel
Ein samtenes Tuch legt sich über das Land
Umhüllt Dich, mich, hat nur ein Ziel
Frieden und Ruhe nach dem Brand

Dunkle Stunden zeigen sich nun
Ruhige Phasen sollen es sein
Erhole Dich von des Tages tun
Am Lager züngelt das Feuerlein

Mit Kameraden sitzt Du dort
Und träumst von neuen Reisen
Schwebst schon zum weit entfernten Ort
Auf der Gitarre erklingen die Weisen

Melodien so zart und bewegend
Gemeinsamer Gesang unter Sternen
Das Herz bewegt, die Seele regend
Sind große Ziele nur die Fernen?

Das Lagerfeuer in Freundes Rund
Ganz nah am Waldeshain
So soll es sein im Lebensbund
Hier wird die Seele gar rein

Die Gitarre spielt, die Stimme singt
Käuzchens Schrei erklingt gar weit
Der Geist entschwebt, die Seele klingt
Öffne Dich, jetzt bist Du bereit

Bereit für das was kommen mag
Jetzt oder auch gar bald
Was bringt für Dich der neue Tag
Wenn laut die Stimme wieder hallt

Noch denke bitte nicht dorthin
Des Tages Mühn sind noch so weit
Öffne die Seele, öffne den Sinn
Im Lagerfeuers Gitarrenklang ist kein Leid

Die Nacht sie dauert noch länger an
Sie hält die Welt bedeckt
Der Streß, die Mühn, die Einsamkeit, der Wahn
Sollen hier noch bleiben verdeckt

Schnell genug verklingt der Klang
Des züngelnden Feuers und der Scheite
Zurück bleibt nur Asche und der Drang
Auf eine neue nächtliche Weise

Nach Stunden in dem Freundeskreise
Verstummt die Gitarre und der Gesang
Man lauscht auf der Weltenweise
Seltener wird auch des Käuzchens Klang

Der runde volle Mond gar kriecht
Langsam über das Erdenrund
In ferner Weite das Sonnenlicht
Erwacht und steigt aus tiefem Grund

Die Sterne und der Mond neigen sich dem Ende
Ein neuer Tag zieht hier herauf
Die Romantik der Nacht verstreicht behende
So ist nun mal der Weltenlauf

Nach jeder Nacht da kommt ein Tag
Nach jedem Tag wieder eine Nacht
Es gibt nichts was das ändern mag
Kein Mensch der Welt hat diese Macht

So Kameraden vergesst es nicht
Das Feuer, die Gitarre, der Liederklang
Sie pausieren für nahendes Tageslicht
Doch abends erklingen sie mit neuem Drang


Muscles are gripping tight
Blood pressure rises more
Squeezing eyes in burning light
Your breathing is like a roar

One breathe, one foot, one step
Pain explores in the muscle
You scream, you cry, you are ahead
The referee blows his whistle

Still you fight and keep it on
The line is your destination
Fight till you reach the goal
Don’t start with celebration

Years of torture, all the pain
Their reason is here today
Bite your tongue, do not refrain
Otherwise you would betray

Fight the pain, fight the war
Rock the line, keep on running
Send them back with a mighty roar
Nobody stops you from winning

Sweat pulsates down your chin
Salty sweat burns in your eyes
You feel oxygen is getting thin
Ignore the pain, ignores the cries

No pain, no gain, so they say
It’s true, you are the strongest
No friendship on the court today
Kill them all, you are the best

The line is just so close at hand
You see the prize all waiting
The end now is so close my friend
Nobody stops you from winning

You hesitate, your eyes do blink
Another predator takes the chance
You showed weakness, now sink
See him taking the dance

The game is over and you lost
Coz you were weak just once
This is how you pay the cost
Remember you are no “Lance”

Live strong or die fast
A slogan you should keep
Forget the race, you lost the best
So now don’t fucking weep

Accept the fate, accept the doom
A loss is not the end
Train more, get stronger, soon
Another race is there, my friend


Smelling the food in the stove
Feeling hunger in the stomach
Sensation of food is a mighty groove
Eating nothing results in ache

The smell spreads out in the room
Sweeping through all space
Food is prepared to be your doom
Desire of eating replaces the grace

Desire grows, desire raises
Hungry eyes are glaring red
Saliva spills all over places
When predators want to be fed

Feeding now, feeding all
Ripping apart the gory good
Catching teeth in tearing call
Desire is filling all the mood

Ripping apart flesh from skin
Shining bones may all appear
Cutting through steam within
Hunger makes forget all fear

Descending down to natural state
Breaking all social bond
Kicking, beating, cutting your mate
You are the first on the pond

You are the closest at the peak
Ignore the staring eye
Take advantage of all weak
Human behavior starts to prey

Forget the others, you are strong
Beat them down, they are mice
Send them back to where they belong
Remember: they are sissies in disguise

The meal is yours, you are the winner
Feed yourself, forget the rest
All the losers just get thinner
Predator you are, that is no test