Sunday 8 January 2012

Human Dignity

Don't they know it's Christmas
It's not Christmay every day
People live in pain and distress
Often survival is no possible way

Death rages through our street
Not only in Syria, Bahrain and Iran
Militias and peaceful people meet
Death and hardship has begun

Dictators rage and use their bullet
Kill their people, destroy their life
Demonstrations try to end it
A word against tanks - no funny jive

Tanks roll over bodies, people freeze
Splash their blood, take their breathe
What happened to dignity and peace?
A whole world taken by a deadly wrath

A word, a blog, a peaceful scream
A poster, a slogan and a speech
Martin Luther said: "I have a dream"
Today, ghouls brutalize on a loose leash

Reign of terror, reign of aggression
Violence rules around the globe
Words well placed and put in session
Can put dictators on a long probe

A fly can annoy a lion more
Than a lion just the fly
So remember, what you're fighting for
Keep the patience and find your way

Often it has shown, it was seen
That patience and persistence
Can lead to realize your dream
In the end, we all join the dance

The dance of freedom, the dance of peace
That is worth fighting for
Don't resign, don't you grieve
The victory will end this war!

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