Wednesday 21 December 2011


Muscles are gripping tight
Blood pressure rises more
Squeezing eyes in burning light
Your breathing is like a roar

One breathe, one foot, one step
Pain explores in the muscle
You scream, you cry, you are ahead
The referee blows his whistle

Still you fight and keep it on
The line is your destination
Fight till you reach the goal
Don’t start with celebration

Years of torture, all the pain
Their reason is here today
Bite your tongue, do not refrain
Otherwise you would betray

Fight the pain, fight the war
Rock the line, keep on running
Send them back with a mighty roar
Nobody stops you from winning

Sweat pulsates down your chin
Salty sweat burns in your eyes
You feel oxygen is getting thin
Ignore the pain, ignores the cries

No pain, no gain, so they say
It’s true, you are the strongest
No friendship on the court today
Kill them all, you are the best

The line is just so close at hand
You see the prize all waiting
The end now is so close my friend
Nobody stops you from winning

You hesitate, your eyes do blink
Another predator takes the chance
You showed weakness, now sink
See him taking the dance

The game is over and you lost
Coz you were weak just once
This is how you pay the cost
Remember you are no “Lance”

Live strong or die fast
A slogan you should keep
Forget the race, you lost the best
So now don’t fucking weep

Accept the fate, accept the doom
A loss is not the end
Train more, get stronger, soon
Another race is there, my friend

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