Wednesday 21 December 2011


Smelling the food in the stove
Feeling hunger in the stomach
Sensation of food is a mighty groove
Eating nothing results in ache

The smell spreads out in the room
Sweeping through all space
Food is prepared to be your doom
Desire of eating replaces the grace

Desire grows, desire raises
Hungry eyes are glaring red
Saliva spills all over places
When predators want to be fed

Feeding now, feeding all
Ripping apart the gory good
Catching teeth in tearing call
Desire is filling all the mood

Ripping apart flesh from skin
Shining bones may all appear
Cutting through steam within
Hunger makes forget all fear

Descending down to natural state
Breaking all social bond
Kicking, beating, cutting your mate
You are the first on the pond

You are the closest at the peak
Ignore the staring eye
Take advantage of all weak
Human behavior starts to prey

Forget the others, you are strong
Beat them down, they are mice
Send them back to where they belong
Remember: they are sissies in disguise

The meal is yours, you are the winner
Feed yourself, forget the rest
All the losers just get thinner
Predator you are, that is no test

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